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This is a dictionary with pictures for people who want to study Dutch, a language spoken in the Netherlands, Belgium and Surinam. You don't have to speak English to use it.

Enter a word in the Dutch Visual Dictionary and click the Zoek button.
Or click on a folder to view the pictures (and subfolders) it contains.

How do I search for images?
Fill in a Dutch word in the visual dictionary. Click on the Zoek button (search button). A picture is shown when the item is included in the dictionary.

How do I browse folders?
Go to the main page of the dictionary. Click on a folder. In the voedsel (food) folder you'll find images and folders, like the folder fruit (fruit) and the folder groente (vegetables).
folderalles foldernatuur foldervoedsel folderfruit afbeeldingappel
       foldergroente picturevenkel

How do I find the folder of a picture?
On every line, the folder's name is shown at the right, next to the symbol. The folder of appel is fruit.

How can I find all folders a picture belongs to?
Search for appel. Click on on the same line, after the word fruit. Fruit is part of the voedsel folder. Click on , after the word voedsel, to view the content of the voedsel folder.
pictureappel fruit voedsel natuur alles

Do I have to fill in all characters of a word?
No. If you search for ui, you will find ui and beschuit.

What kind of images are shown?
Pictures of visible things, like snow and rain. Pictures of cold and wet are not included.

How do I search for abstract concepts?
Search for koud (cold) to find koude voorwerpen (cold things). Then you'll find sneeuw (snow), because koud is a keyword of sneeuw. Other keywords of sneeuw are water (water) and neerslag (precipitation).

Do I have to spell a word correctly?
If you are unsure about the spelling, leave out that letter, and replace it by %. Search for vra%wagen to find vrachtwagen (truck).

Search for s%ip
The % is replaced automatically by a series of characters, or 0 characters. You'll find schip, stippellijn, etc.

Search for t_uw
The _ is replaced automatically by 1 or 0 characters. You'll find touw and Litouwen. Use _ if you're unsure about one single letter.

See also the English - Dutch dictionary.